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Re: VMs: Slavonic assumption

Hi Antoine,

At 12:20 31/05/2004 +0200, you wrote:
In fact, the main point concerns the binary sequences of each language.

Can you help me? Perhaps it's the translation, but I've read and re-read the paper several times and I still fail to understand how you derived the binary sequences which your paper compares between languages.

That is, which letters (in Voynichese, or even German) correspond to '0' and which letters correspond to '1'? In the natural languages, are these consonant/vowel (= 1/0)?

About "Pegasus",  the crease is not real and it seems to be a bump, which
doesn't eat a half-letter. The letter seems to have the same dimension than
"c" and from my "Fol069a5.bmp" I can see the letter opened on its right

With luck, we should be able to see a better quality image of this page within a few days, and hopefully we will be able to use them to resolve many transcription issues like this.

I recall, to conclude, the main point of this article concerns the binary
sequences of each language, which give us information about origin of the

However, "Pegasus" is noted as being plaintext, and as being strongly supportive of the Slavonic hypothesis in general. I still think that the transcription you're relying on is inaccurate - please look again at the Beinecke image (on GC's website) of the page as it may be a better quality scan than the image you have been using. Zooming in, it does look to me like you can see both left and right hand sides of the "o" in question.

Best regards, .....Nick Pelling.....

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