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Re: VMs: Slavonic assumption


In fact, the main point concerns the binary sequences of each language.
There are two solutions to explain them.

First : the Voynich's manuscript is composed of several languages used in
function of the length of words.

Second: A cryptographic operation is carried out to hide natural language
into Voynich language. One observes that Slavonic binary sequences are equal
to inverse Voynich binary sequences. This is in my opinion an important
fact, which has to be exploited. Concerning the transposition solutions, It
is just an exploring way and I agree it is not absolutely certain. But the
four rules permit to go from Voynich word structures to Slavonic word
structures. The translation is not yet possible because Bulgarian is one of
Slavonic languages and I think that it is not the final solution...of
course, we've got a job for a long time.

About all deciphering, It is just an exercice and it is too early to bring
the plain text.

About "Pegasus",  the crease is not real and it seems to be a bump, which
doesn't eat a half-letter. The letter seems to have the same dimension than
"c" and from my "Fol069a5.bmp" I can see the letter opened on its right

Finally, It was funny that a bit of text concluded to 'of the females
force-feed', when we know that a woman rests (maybe in peace) and swallows
down a substance coming from an other woman, although it is a little

I recall, to conclude, the main point of this article concerns the binary
sequences of each language, which give us information about origin of the


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> Dear Antoine,
> At 22:08 30/05/2004 +0200, you wrote:
> >Please find hereafter the http address of the article (Piggy's
> >"Cryptographic analysis of the Voynich's enigma - English translation of
> >article "L'hypothèse Slave dans le manuscrit de Voynich", ARCSI,
> >n°29 -2001."
> >
> >http://voynich.free.fr/slave2_uk.pdf
> I'm quite certain that the f70v2 central Pisces label reads (in EVA)
> "otolal" - even though there's a crease running through it, the central
> is still legible. This rather undermines both the suggested link with "o
> pegas" ('to Pegasus') and the paper's overall conclusion ("that some bits
> of text are plain in Slavonic language").
> Worse still, the derivation of the "castle" word in this paper seems even
> more tortuous, achieved by transposing, inverting and substituting "EODAM"
> (EVA "lodaiin"). And finally, as for the "qol" in f79v - identifying this
> alone (and no other word in the whole page) with a Bulgarian verb ("to
> cram") is simply not credible.
> Without Pegasus to rest upon, "a Slavonic language hidden behind three
> cryptographic doors, which are the transposition, inversion and
> substitution" seems just about as likely as any other language hidden
> behind those same three cryptographic doors. :-(
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
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