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VMs: Fw: 'Best Minds' Sought for New Code Centre

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> < http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=2920394 >
> 'Best Minds' Sought for New Code Centre
> By Helen Morgan, PA News
> A modern-day Bletchley Park, where the German Enigma code was cracked
> the Second World War, is being set up to aid government listening post
> The new institute will employ a team of "high calibre" mathematicians to
> codework.
> The new centre hopes to bring together "the best minds" working to protect
> security by tapping into the "long-standing relationships" between the
> intelligence community and academia.
> The institute, run jointly by Bristol University and Cheltenham-based
> will employ between 20 and 30 pure mathematicians. It will be in the South
> West and is due to open next year.
> A spokesman for GCHQ said the work would consist of pure mathematical
> exercises and look at the maths used in encryption.
> He said comparisons with Bletchley Park were fair.
> A joint statement from GCHQ and Bristol University read: "We can confirm
> that the new institute will be linked with a theoretical research
> into key areas of mathematics of interest to GCHQ.
> "The institute's director will help recruit and then lead a team of high
> calibre academics working on mathematical research, not only for GCHQ but
> also for academic purposes.
> "The intelligence community has long-standing relationships with academia,
> particularly in the fields of science and technology. These partnerships
> present the opportunity to broaden theoretical work in mathematics by
> providing access to the widest possible pool of the best minds to help the
> UK retain its place at the forefront of mathematical understanding.
> "This new institute is not just of benefit to the intelligence community
> Bristol University - it also adds to the total resources available for
> research and teaching within the wider UK community.
> "We obviously hope that the conclusions and ideas generated by members of
> the new institute will contribute to enhancing the capability of GCHQ and
> its information assurance arm (CESG) in the long term, as we work to
> the security of the UK and its allies."
> The centre is currently advertising for a pure mathematician to act as
> director on a salary of £75,000. Workers at the centre must be British
> citizens.

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