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Re: Ten, not nine. However... was: Re: VMs: Re: word length counts

Hi everyone:
It seems that I made a nasty slip in my last post:

"The age-old essay to map the ten sephiroth with the ten first letters
brought the tenth sephira to be associated with the Palace of Holiness and
the letter Tau ..."

The ten sephirot are instead traditionally mapped to the numbers 1 to 10,
and 22 paths were assembled between the sephiroth from some uncertain date
ahead to map with the 22 letters. One may check that in several sources, as:

Some essays and interpretations may also be found more or less in compliance
with my deviating commentary (even so, the tenth sephira is not connected
anywhere to the letter Tau), however they do not constitute the main age-old
tradition on that issue:

I apologize,
Jorge Aveleira

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