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Re: Ten, not nine. However... was: Re: VMs: Re: word length counts

Hi Nick:

At 17:56 11/07/2003 -0300, Jorge Aveleira wrote:
>Please allow me to reiterate, with renewed emphasis and a reasonable
conviction, that the nine sephiroth composition in f85_86 is *essential* for
understanding the meaning of the VMs. That composition is perhaps the
earliest graphical depiction of the Tree of Life still extant and possibly
holds a key to the decipherment of the VMs...

Nick wrote:
"[...] For example, I'd like to be able to link  one of the 9 rosettes
specifically and definitively with the second Sephira "air" - as I'd then
predict that 22 letters would be hidden there in some way (as the Hebrew
alphabet was formed from air [...]"

Dear Nick:
As for myself, the identification of the Tree of Life and of at least the
three central sephiroth in VMS f85_86 is a crystal-clear and settled issue.
I have no doubts about the placement of Kether-air, Tipheret-beauty and
Yesod-fundament. I shall feel pleased if the following may be of  any use to
you or to someone else:

The N rosette with the 13 blade "windmill" is the sephira Kether-air, Crown,
which is generally recognized as the one to have originated directly from
the Spirit of God. Kether is alternatively the first or the second sephira,
first or second divine emanation, depending on interpretations that may or
not identify the Spirit of God as the first sephira. This central-upper
placement is compliant with traditional illustrations of the Tree of Life.

There are ten labels inside Kether in f85_86; the other sephiroth show a
varied number of labels, besides the ring of text which appears around each
one. Reading clockwise the labels in Kether, starting from lower-left label,
as it is transcribed in the interlinear file text16e6.evt, <f85v2.U2...

At http://www.golden-dawn.org/sepher_yetzirah.html one may find, from the
Sepher Yetzirah itself:
"Ten are the ineffable Sephiroth. Twenty-two are the Letters, the Foundation
of all things...
The ineffable Sephiroth give forth the Ten numbers. First; the Spirit of the
God of the living... Second; from the Spirit He produced Air, and formed in
it twenty-two sounds --the letters; three are mothers, seven are double, and
twelve are simple; but the Spirit is first and above these. Third; from the
Air He formed the Waters... Fourth; from the Water He formed Fire...
Fifth; He looked above, and sealed the Height with I H V.
Sixth; He looked below, and sealed the Depth with I V  H.
Seventh; He looked forward, and sealed the East with H I V.
Eighth; He looked backward, and sealed the West with H V I.
Ninth; He looked to the right, and sealed the South with V I H.
Tenth; He looked to the left, and sealed the North with V H I...."

In reading ahead, one finds the Palace of Holiness sustaining all things and
the seven double letters: Beth, Gimmel Daleth, Kaph, Peh, Resh, Tau.
Afterwards, come the twelve simple letters: Heh, Vau, Zin, Cheth, Teth, Yod,
Lamed, Nun, Samech, Oin, Tzaddi, Qoph.

The age-old essay to map the ten sephiroth with the ten first letters
brought the tenth sephira to be associated with the Palace of Holiness and
the letter Tau, which I consider to be a restriction not  required for the
actualization of the process of transmutation established by the three
triads in the Tree of Life. That process was most probably discerned as a
feasible and logical fulfillment of the combined philosophical-religious
notions of unity, duality and trinity.

The Tree of Life, as depicted in VMS f85_86:

Spirit of God
The nine remaining sephiroth:
Upper triad
N sephira: Kether-air, crown-Aleph air, air, air...
Binah-water, intelligence-Mem water, water, water...
Hokhmah-fire, wisdom-Shin fire, fire, fire...
likely, NE=Binah and NW=Hokhmah, please do take a look at them!

Middle triad
Center: Thiphereth-beauty, plenty
Hesed-mercy, kindness
Gevurah-justice, severity
likely, E=Hesed and W=Gevurah

Lower triad
S: Yesod-fundament, essential
Netzah-victory, conquest
Hod-glory, rejoice
likely, SE=Netzah and SW=Hod

Thanks for your patience and attention,
Jorge Aveleira

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