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Re: Ten, not nine. However... was: Re: VMs: Re: word length counts

Hi Jorge,

At 17:56 11/07/2003 -0300, Jorge Aveleira wrote:
Please allow me to reiterate, with renewed emphasis and a reasonable
conviction, that the nine sephiroth composition in f85_86 is *essential* for
understanding the meaning of the VMs. That composition is perhaps the
earliest graphical depiction of the Tree of Life still extant and possibly
holds a  key to the decipherment of the VMs. The exploration of schemes
involving the geometry and text contained in f85_86 may per chance yield the
solution to that enigma.

Thank you very much for all your links and references on the Tree of Life: I can clearly see why you think there may well be a fundamental connection between it and the 9-rosette page.

However, the problems I'm tackling aren't of *association* (ie correlation) but of *mechanism* (ie causality). For example, I'd like to be able to link one of the 9 rosettes specifically and definitively with the second Sephira "air" - as I'd then predict that 22 letters would be hidden there in some way (as the Hebrew alphabet was formed from air - or perhaps, as Stan Tenen might say, sculpted from air by gesture, ie meru). But as none of these kind of predictions has stood up so far, I'm still left wondering what the mechanism is - hence my continued skepticism.

This is the power the VMS holds over all of us - it allows us to project correlations onto it, but refuses access to its own causality. How can we break this spell?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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