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VMs: Re: Adreas Muller's hoax on Athanasius Kircher

They have several LAtin versions, a Dutch and a French translation in the
KB. Must have been a bestseller in those times. But all their copies are so
old that I won't be able to take them home. The don't have the recent

Auteur: Menken , J.B.
Titel:  De quakzalvery der geleerden. / By J.B. Menken. ; Tr. into Dutch
Uitgave: Amsterdam, A. Lobedanius and J. Ryckhof jun. bsrs , 1739

Auteur: Menken , Johann Burkhard
Titel:  De la charlatanerie des savans. / By Menken. ; Tr. into French
Jaar: 1721

Auteur: Menckenius , J.B.
Titel:  De charlataneria eruditorum declamationes duæ. / By J.B. Menckenius
Uitgave: Amstellodami, 1715

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