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Re: VMs: Adreas Muller's hoax on Athanasius Kircher

10/01/03 22:49:15, "Robert Brantley" <robertbrantley@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   "At one point, a rival named Andreas Muller concocted an unintelligible
>   manuscript and sent it to Kircher with a note explaining that it had come
>   from Egypt. He asked Kircher for a translation, and Kircher, reportedly,
>   produced one at once."

Wonderful! But I doubt that Muller's hoax was the VMS: too long. A couple
of pages would have been enough, and, Kircher would have not had the time
of translating the VMS.

>   Mencken, Johann Burkhard. The Charlatanry of the Learned. (De
>   charlataneria eruditorum, 1715). Translated from the German by Francis E.
>   Litz, with notes and an introduction by H. L. Mencken. "First edition."
>   New York, London, A.A. Knopf, 1937.

Sounds like a wonderful book. I hope I can ferret out a copy somewhere.

Kircher sounds more and more like Barry Fell. Take a look at his link:


Ah, if only Fell was still alive! We'd only have to tell him about the
VMS. And presto, we'd have the solution the morning after!


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