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VMs: Adreas Muller's hoax on Athanasius Kircher

While home from work with the flu, I went browsing and found this.
The pertinent text from the web page:
"At one point, a rival named Andreas Muller concocted an unintelligible manuscript and sent it to Kircher with a note explaining that it had come from Egypt. He asked Kircher for a translation, and Kircher, reportedly, produced one at once."
This source for this is:
Mencken, Johann Burkhard. The Charlatanry of the Learned. (De charlataneria eruditorum, 1715). Translated from the German by Francis E. Litz, with notes and an introduction by H. L. Mencken. "First edition." New York, London, A.A. Knopf, 1937.
Could this be the VMS?  Did Muller enlist the aid of Marci to spoof Kircher?
The Virginia Military Institute has a copy of this book, presumably there would be more detail about the incident.  The book sounds like it would be interesting reading, even if it didn't throw any light on the VMS.
I found this on Adreas Muller
Muller was born in 1630, so if the de Tepenec signature was geniune it would prove that the VMS was not the concocted MS created to fool Kircher, but if the signature was a forgery...
It seems that Muller might have had the resources and knowledge to produce a forgery that would fit the various statistical studies that indicate the text is in a natural language. He creates a script to represent chinese and starts picking words from random from his many tomes of Chinese writings.  Then he draws some weird pictures and Ta Da!, the jokes on Kircher.  
Baresch's second letter actually exists right? If it definitely refers to the VMS then Muller probably didn't produce the VMS at the age of nine.
I hope this readable, I think I am starting to run a fever..