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VMs: Re: Spa Architecture

    > [Phillip:] It is not evident why the VMS balneological section has so
    > many variants of much the same scene.

    > [Luis V.] At least it adds strength to the idea that (a)
    > illustrations are indeed connected to the text and (b) the
    > author was trying hard to make a point. Multiple nymphs in a
    > pool is a better target (maybe) that multiple pools; for we do
    > not know for sure if the three-pooled system is an imaginary
    > extension of the same picture to the author of the VMS, but we
    > are certain that he (or she) meant many ladies. We should revise
    > the symbolism of this fact - harem, nun school or an attempt to
    > express something about women in general? more constellations?

Dont forget that each "nymph" has a distinctive label. So, if they are
not specific individuals (famous patients?), they are symbols for
specific things. I.e., nine nymphs in a pool must mean that there are
nine somethings in something. Or something of the sort...

All the best,