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VMs: Paradigms

	I don't fully follow what GC is doing, but if he is
trying to define
the basic building blocks, the true glyphs, composed of
the lesser strokes 
that make up EVA, then the paradigms noted by Tiltman
and Firth should be 
of considerable interest.

	Tiltman's paradigm is in D'Imperio, while Robert's
paradigm is at:


	In both cases, Voynichese words are composed from a
series of 
prefixes and suffixes.  I found that Robert's paradigm
fit 80% of 
Herbal-A and a little less for Herbal-B.  Tiltman's fit
65% of 
Herbal-A and again a little less for Herbal-B.  Note
what I mean here.  I took the size in kb of the
original file, 
pulled out the elements of Firth and Tiltman, and then
how much smaller the file was.  This is probably
to the number of characters that the paradigms fit, not 
necessarily the number of tokens, certainly not the
of words.

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