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VMs: Re: Spa Architecture

Phillip writes:
> It is not evident why the VMS balneological section has so
> many variants of much the same scene.
At least it adds strength to the idea that (a) illustrations are indeed
connected to the text and (b) the author was trying hard to make a point.
Multiple nymphs in a pool is a better target (maybe) that multiple pools;
for we do not know for sure if the three-pooled system is an imaginary
extension of the same picture to the author of the VMS, but we are certain
that he (or she) meant many ladies.  We should revise the symbolism of this
fact - harem, nun school or an attempt to express something about women in
general? more constellations?

Nick writes:

> If you mean the backdrop at the top of f84r, can I just point out that it
> looks (to me) like a continuation of the stylistic device on f78r

Yes - I really must agree with you, Nick... after hard scrutiny, down fall
those gothic thinnish columns; the biological (cellular?) coreography
prevails in all likelihood...

On a wholly different train of thought, at the Bodleian online, worth
checking is the Commonplace book of Humphrey Newton (1466-1536), of Pownall,


See the similarity of facial patterns (an 'S' for eyebrow and nose) with the
faces in the VMS? More art fingerprints, and some well sought after, since
people seldom paint faces (or birds!) in the exact same way as other people:


Found this nice article about cadels (close relatives to vincis and gallows)
- of particular interest was the reference to Ashmole MS at the Bodleian: