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VMs: Re: Numbered transcription

GC wrote:

> Of course it's <ee> instead of "cc".  
> I also understood <Ee> some three years ago when we
> were having
> our wall-to-wall on this subject but can't find its
> faithful
> execution in any currently available EVA
> transcription, 

EVA reference page:
(which was actually made by Gabriel)

In the end, it seems to be agreed that Glen's
C is representable in EVA by either Ee or (ee).
The second is much more intuitive when it is
part of a line of Vonich text. The first actually
shows up correctly in the font.

It is also agreed that few of the distinctions
that EVA allows are actually used in existing
transcriptions. I am looking forward to Glen's
result and hope that it will be possible to
convert it (even if it is a lossy conversion)
to EVA, Frogguy or Currier.

Best wishes, Rene

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