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VMs: RE: Numbered transcription

Gabriel wrote:

> In EVA I don't think that there is a <cc> because <c>
> always implies joining
> to the next character to the right. "cc" really is <ee>.
> If you want to visually join the <e>'s (from below,
> otherwise it is <c>) you
> can write <Ee>
> Have a look at Rene's site EVA pages. There is a
> complete set of rules to join
> characters based on Jacques Frogguy capitalisation rules.

Of course it's <ee> instead of "cc".  It's <ee> instead of the
obvious western reading "cc" because <ee> is more pronounceable,
and we certainly need to be able to pronounce it if we're ever
going to understand it.

I also understood <Ee> some three years ago when we were having
our wall-to-wall on this subject but can't find its faithful
execution in any currently available EVA transcription, which
causes me to go back, as you say, and "visually" make changes
where I think they should be, instead of being able to push a
button or program a few lines to make those modifications
globally.  Never fear, my efforts will have its shortfalls as