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VMs: Re: Numbered transcription

On Thursday 03 October 2002 1:35 pm, GC wrote:
> I guess my problem with that is that we still need to come up with
> a method of notation that joins and disjoins EVA characters.  My
> {C} is an EVA <cc>, and if you write <cc> in EVA, there is no
> operator present that states whether or not you agree with the
> joining of the two strokes.  Well, that's a subject for a
> different email.

In EVA I don't think that there is a <cc> because <c> always implies joining 
to the next character to the right. "cc" really is <ee>.
If you want to visually join the <e>'s (from below, otherwise it is <c>) you 
can write <Ee>
Have a look at Rene's site EVA pages. There is a complete set of rules to join 
characters based on Jacques Frogguy capitalisation rules.