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VMs: RE: Numbered transcription


Interesting concept.  I was afraid you were going to ask me to
"hotlink" every word on a page!  The VGBT-Beta pre-release font is
now in the /vgbt directory at www.voynich.info/vgbt/VGBT.TTF , and
I've placed a couple sample pages in a protected directory
(samo-samo to get in) that demonstrate my preferred page display
format.  These are HTML's, which require this font for display,
but can these forms be set to include proofing information in both
EVA and VGBT, at the user's selection, and display the correction
in the appropriate font? (The "old transcription" field can draw
its font from the VGBT set since it is not modified, but the user
should have the option of choosing their most comfortable entry

I guess my problem with that is that we still need to come up with
a method of notation that joins and disjoins EVA characters.  My
{C} is an EVA <cc>, and if you write <cc> in EVA, there is no
operator present that states whether or not you agree with the
joining of the two strokes.  Well, that's a subject for a
different email.


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> Hi everyone,
> I've put up a new test-page showing my idea of how
> JavaScript can make
> proofing much less painstaking.
> 	http://www.voynich.info/phpwiki/vmsform.html
> Each word index is "live": clicking on it fills out the
> form appropriately,
> and moves the input focus to the box you'd want to
> edit. To save you typing
> your name every time you use the form, JavaScript can
> also remember your
> name in a cookie (which is much nicer) - although that
> feature doesn't
> currently appear to work (and I have no idea why). :-9
> I also tried to keep my usage of JavaScript back to
> version 1.0 of the
> language. Under Win95, IE6, NS4.08, NS4.76, & NS6.0 (my
> main compatibility
> set) all seem to work OK with it.
> I also tried to construct the page so that it will
> still function OK
> without JavaScript... though what browser would have
> CSS but not
> JavaScript? :-9
> Comments? :-)
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....