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Is this part of the list? On the other hand I think I have just been gotten
by a spam. OTOH it really does look like something we might see here. Did
someone translate the VMS and is using it as add copy?

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Subject: Sexual Enhancement
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 21:10:13 -0700
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Only from Shambala Botanicals...

"Seventh Heaven" Kathmandu Temple Kiff (tm) &
"Seventh Heaven" Prosaka Tablets (tm) & "Seventh Heaven"
Gentle Ferocity Tablets (tm)

Now offering for your Delight...
our "Seventh Heaven" Kathmandu Temple Kiff (tm)
for Blissful Regressions of Vexatious Depressions!

An imported Nepalese, sensitive, pipe-smoking/stoking
substance; Kathmandu Temple Kiff is the most substantial
marijuana/cannabis alternative on the planet.

Absolutely Legal! Marvelously Potent!

Kathmandu Temple Kiff possesses all of the positive
virtues fine ganja/cannabis without any of the negatives.
An amalgamation of high concentrates of rare euphoric
herbas, Kathmandu is offered in a solid jigget/bar format
and is actually more UPLIFTING & POISED than
cannabis/marijuana while rendering Euphoria, Happiness,
Mood-Enhancement, Stress/Depression Relief and promoting
contemplativeness, creativity, better sleep, lucid
dreaming... and enhancing the sexual experience!!!
Kathmandu Temple Kiff is simply the best and just a little
pinch/snippet of the Kathmandu goes a long, "sensitive"
way.  Just 4 or 5 draws of the pipe... (an herb pipe
included with each package of Kathmandu Temple Kiff).

PLEASE NOTE: Although no botanical factor in Kathmandu
Temple Kiff is illegal or considered to be harmful by
regulatory agencies and no tobacco is included therein,
it is the policy of our company that Kathmandu Temple Kiff
may not be offered or sold to any person that has not
attained at least 21 years of age.


Kathmandu Temple Kiff is both a euphoriant and an
uplifting, calmative relaxant that offers scintillating
physical and cerebral ambiance enhancement. Kathmandu
Temple Kiff is a proprietary, prescribed amalgamation
which includes the following synergistically, synesthesia
conglomerated, uncommon herbs, resins, essences, flower-tops
and oils in extreme ratio extractment ranging from
8.5 to 1.0 to 60 to 1, viripotent concentrations: Drachasha,
Chavana Prash, Trikatu, Black Seed Herb, Capillaris Herba,
Angelica Root, Wild Dagga, Haritaki, Shatavari, Labdunum,
Neroli, Unicorn Root, Papaver Rhoes, Dendrobian, Calea
Zacalechichi, Rue, Amla, Salvia Divinorum, Crocus Sativa,
Lotus and Gokshura.

Also... for your sensitive mellowness... "Seventh Heaven"
Prosaka Tablets are an entirely natural, proprietary,
botanical prescription comprised of uncommon Asian Herbs
for Calm, Balance, Serenity and Joyful Living.

"Seventh Heaven" Prosaka is indeed a most extraordinary,
viripotent, calming, centering, mood-enhancing,
holistically-formulated, exotic herbaceous alternative to
pharmaceutical medications for depression, anxiety, stress,
insomnia, etc.

NO side effects! NO dependency!  Vivaciously Mellow!

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing else quite like
"Seventh Heaven" Prosaka (tm).


Seventh Heaven Prosaka tablets contain the following
herbal factors in precise prescription: Tadix Salviae,
Sensitive Mimosa Bark, Arullus Euphoriae, Shizandra,
Frutcus Mori, Caulis, Polygoni Multiflori, Zizphus,
Tang Kuei, Cedar Seed, Sweetflag Rhizome, Cuscutae,
Amber, Radix Scutellariae, Evodia, Longan, Arizisaema,
Cistanches, Radix Polygalae, Red Sage Root and Eucommia.
Recommended dosage: 1-2 tablets; 2-3 times per day.

Also... for your "Sensitive" "Pure Energy" Energization...
"Seventh Heaven" Gentle Ferocity Tablets (tm). A
"Seventh Heaven" non-caffeine, non-ephedrine, non-ephedra,
non-MaHuang; viripotent, herbaceous prescription for the
dynamic energization of body, mind and spirit.

This Gentle Ferocity Formulation is amalgamated in
accordance with the fundamental Taoist herbal principle
of botanical interactiveness and precursorship which in
essence is a molecular equation of the relevant
botanical/herbal alkaloids and glycosides interacting with
one another to prolificate molecular communion and thereby
to achieve demonstrative herbal efficaciousness without
negative implication to any aspect of human composition.
These Gentle Ferocity Cordial Tablets are incredulously
and thoroughly effective. Enjoy!


Each Gentle Ferocity Tablet contains 500 mg. of the
following proprietary formulated, high-ratio concentrated
botanical factors... Cortex Eucommiae, Radex Polygoni
Multiflori, Zizyphus Seed, Fructus Schisandrae, Radix Panax
Ginseng, Radix Astragali, Atractylode, Sclerotium, Porial
Cocos, Saussurea Tang Kuei, Longan, Radix Paeoniae, Biota
Seeds, Glehnia, Radix Salviae, Ligusticum, Lycu Berry,
Radix Dioscoreae, Cortex Mouton, Frutcus Corni, Radix
Polygalae, Cistanches, Radix Pseudoslellariae and
Cortex Aranthopanacis.



One .75 oz. jigget/bar $65.00
One 1.5 oz. jigget/bar $115.00
(Free Capillaris Herba with 1.5 oz. Bar.
Refer to Capillaris paragraph at end of text)


One     100 tablet tin      $40.00
Three   100 tablet tins     $105.00
Six     100 tablet tins     $185.00


One     300 tablet jar      $130.00


Includes one, 1.5 oz. jigget/bar of Kathmandu Temple Kiff
& 1 tin (100 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Prosaka $125.00
(Reg. $155.00 Save $30)
(Free Capillaris Herba with this intro offer.
Refer to Capillaris paragraph at end of text)


Includes one, 1.5 oz. jigget/bar of Kathmandu Temple Kiff &
1 jar (300 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Gentle Ferocity $170.00
(Reg. $245.00 Save $75)
(Free Capillaris Herba with this intro offer.
Refer to Capillaris paragraph at end of text)


Includes one, 1.5 oz. jigget/bar of Kathmandu Temple Kiff &
1 tin (100 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Prosaka & 1 jar
(300 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Gentle Ferocity For $200.00
(Reg. $285.00 Save $85)
(Free Capillaris Herba with this intro offer.
Refer to Capillaris paragraph at end of this text.)

All products Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!


For your convenience, you can call us direct with your
orders or questions.
Call (719) 686-9919



Call now and receive a FREE gift from Shambala Botanicals.
With every order for a 1.5 oz. jigget / bar of Kathmandu
Temple Kiff, our "Heavenly" Intro Combination
Offer or our "Pure Energy" Intro Combination Offer, we will
include as our free gift to you... a 1.5 oz. package of
our ever so sedate, sensitive Asian import, loose-leaf
Capillaris Herba for "happy" smoking or brewing...
(a $40.00 retail value).


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