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Re: VMs: Split -ol- pairs...?

Hi Rene,

At 04:58 25/05/2004 -0700, Rene wrote:
In English, 'th' and 'sh' and 'ch' are like
your verbose pairs. Other languages do have
one symbol for the corresponding sound (note absence
of the proper linguistic terms).

However, 'th' and 'sh' can also be split up
by a space, less so for 'ch'.

It could be as simple as that....

So: if (English) 'th' was the equivalent of (Currier A EVA) "ol", why would nearly all "h-" words be preceded by "-t" words?

In this sense, Voynichese (and in particular Currier Language A) seems to merge ideas of letter adjacency rules with word adjacency rules (i.e. with a single "l-usually-preceded-by-o" rule, operating at both letter level and word level): are any languages that sophisticated?

Also: I wonder if there are there any written languages where spaces are used more to "beautify" the text than to separate words? If "ol" can have a space inserted in the middle, this would seem to be the case in Voynichese - and probably more indicative of cipher practice than language use.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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