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Re: VMs: Split -ol- pairs...?

Hi everyone,

At 12:54 23/05/2004 -0500, Knox Mix wrote:
"o l"  Graphs  here:

To me, a language (like Currier Language A) where "l" was overwhelmingly preceded by "o" but where that pair sometimes has a space inserted between them, points to spaces being "plastic" (i.e. malleable, able to be inserted at will) rather than syntactic.

Yet with other character pairs being almost entirely word-initial (like "qo") or word-terminal (like "dy"), there also appear to be rigid rules associated with spaces.

So, some VMs spaces are "hard" (rule-based), while other VMs spaces are "soft" (discretionary). In particular, many soft spaces seem to me to have been inserted specifically to break up visual repetitions of verbose pairs: I've mentioned "oro.ror" in the past (as hiding "or.or.or"), and many split "ol" pairs (like "chodo.lol" on f1v, hiding "chod.ol.ol") appear to have the same intention.

All of this simply screams out "Cipher!" to me - but what subtle language nuance am I missing which might explain this?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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