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VMs: Another program

This one looks easier to use:

To use AntMover in its most basic sense, a user must open a text file (or
set of text files), which are then imported into the program for analysis.
The user can then choose up to four views of the file.
View 1 is the original file without any processing.
View 2 is a processed view of the file, divided automatically into
individual sentences
View 3 is a view of the file after a 'moves analysis' has been performed,
giving a rhetorical (structural) label automatically to each sentence in the
file. This labeling can be used to give the user an idea of the overal
structural/rhetorical  organization of the text for help when reading or
writing in English.
View 4 is an outline view of the structural organization of the file, which
the text data itself omitted.

I got the link from here: http://registry.dfki.de/ Quite interesting!

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