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VMs: Encylopedia reference on Horcicky

Riegera Slovník Nauc^ný - 1866
It's just a rough, literal translation, like Babelfish would do. I could do
better but I'm too lazy :-)
In some places I kept the original Czech spelling (^ = hác^ek) :

"Hor^c^ický Jakub", also "z Tepence", also "Synapius", studied at the
jesuits in Krumlov, and was accepted into their seminary in Prague. Because
of his chemical expertise he fell into the liking of Rudolf II, by whom he
was elevated into knighthood and riches. The Jesuits, whom he thanked for
the basis of his riches, he repaid by supporting their claims at the court.
After the death of Rudolf he moved to his acquired lands and usually lived
at "Me^lník" which was given to him (zastaven = given or loaned?) in a large
sum. He died on the 25 th of September 1622 in Prague, where he moved in his
illness, leaving all his properties to the jesuits. He wrote "Konfessí
katolická t. Vyznání pravé víry krêst^anské vse^obecné o nade^ji, lásce,
spravedlnosti kr^est^anské atd." (Catholic faith, The confession of the
right and common christian faith, about hope, love and christian
righteousness, etc.) published in Prague in 1609, 1677 and 1782.

This is a short entry. The one in Ottúv Slovník Nauc^ný 1899 is about 4
times longer. Coming soon ...

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