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VMs: Marci books & author search

The three books I found in the electronic catalogue of the Academy of
Sciences in Prague are:

Jan Marek Marci z Kronlandu
Zapomenutý zakladatel novoveké fyziologie a medicíny
(= forgotten founder of modern physiology and medicine)
Zdene^k Servít
Praha, Academia
ISBN 80-224- (rest is missing)
274 pages

Jan Marcus Marci z Kronlandu
Historická monografie
Josef Vinar^
46 pages

Joannes Marcus Marci,
a seventeenth-century Bohemian polymath
Charles university celebrates the 4 (rest is missing)
Petr Svobodný, Anna Bryson
ISBN 80-7184-475-6
236 pages

I think the third book was discussed once on the list.

The most probable author of the first one, based on an Internet search:
Prague Institute of Physiology. Prof. Servit being the first director
Servít,Zdenek,1913-1986 - Is probably dead alas ...

MUDr. et PhDr. Josef Vinar, který od "podzimku roku 1934 prednásel na
Karlove universite ...
Is probably dead also ...

Both authors - if my search is right - were not historians but doctors, so
probably they were only interested in the medical aspects of Marci's work.

Do you think it would be any good to write the (living) authors if the know
anything about the Marci - Kircher connection?

I guess these are the e-mail adresses:

E-mail:  petr.svobodny@xxxxxxxxxxx
Profesní zamerení: historik - dejiny UK, dejiny medicíny
Ústav dejin Univerzity Karlovy a Archiv Univerzity Karlovy
Professor of the history of medicine

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