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VMs: Venetian glass...?

Hi everyone,

Just a quick thing: while in the Italian section at the Victoria & Albert Museum recently (looking at 15th Century maiolica, naturally <g>), I noticed some 15th Century Venetian glass pieces.

The way they were all decorated - small spots of colour, in sequential patterns around the curve of the cup, etc - strongly reminded me of the three jars on f89r1 (especially the bottom-most one) and those on f89r2.

In fact, the apparent structure of the bottom-most object on f89r1 is quite fascinating - to my eyes, it looks like a spherical glass cover (with typical Venetian decoration) somehow placed over the top a spherical Byzantine hookah.

Perhaps it's some kind of bizarre (and now-lost) Eastern Mediterranean alembic or still. However, I don't remember seeing anything remotely like it in the museum of pharmacy in Edirne. Very strange. :-O

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....