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VMs: Re: New / old theory

My compliments for the article on the VMS. I was busy with it for some time,
but if you look at the pages differently you see symbols that look like our
current alphabet. They have a characteristic thick beginning followed by a
thin curve and then a thick ending.  Like if you're doing calligraphy! The
letter combinaton e-s-o-g is found remarkably often in the text sometimes
preceded or followed by a decorative symbol. When we had typing lessons in
our school we had to practice by repeating the same character sequences over
and over again. Could this be a writing exercise-book, used by several
different persons? And freely decorated by the some teenagers with
over-active hormones? Or will I now get the 2002 Nobel prize for Nonsense? -
Gerard Vrakking, Raalte

We're not short of theories and hypotheses, just short of proof for any of them. :-)