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VMs: Paradigms Regained

	Jacques revived one Voynichese paradigm.  I think that
all the 
paradigms bear on the question of what is or not a
"glyph".  A prefix, 
infix, and suffix might be, in each case, a "glyph".  

	Just for the record, I'm quoting two famous paradigms:
and Robert Firth's, in EVA.  Stolfi has several others
that go even 
further in fitting the Voynichese text.  


{Fig. 27 -- Tiltman's Division of Common Words into }
{"Roots" and "Suffixes" (Tiltman 1951)}

{Roots                  Suffixes}

ok-, of-              -an, -ain, -aiin, -aiiin
ot-, op-              -ar, -air, -aiir, -aiiir
qok-, qof-            -al, -ail, -aiil, -aiiil
qot-, qop-            -or
ch-                    -ol
sh-                    -ey, -eey, -eeey
d-                    -edy, -eedy, -eeedy


{Robert Firth- Notes on the Voynich Manuscript - Part

{Odd Letters          Even Letters}

          s                    dy
          qo                    dal
          qok                    daiin
          qot                    al
          d                    am
          yk                    aiin
          yt                    ain
          k                    ar
          o                    ey
          ok                    eey
          ot                    eol
          t                    ol
          cth                    oiin
          ch                    or
          chk                    chy
          cht                    chey
          chcth                    cho
          chcph                    chol
          chckh                    chor
          cph                    shy
          ckh                    y {(maybe)}

{This is a rough guess, and will surely have errors -
but that's two}
{alphabets of 21 and 23 symbols, and with the exception
of that silly}
{letter 'y' almost any combination of symbols is
locally decodable.}
{(Something's wrong with d or ain or dainn; otherwise,
it's rigorous.)}


        In both cases, Voynichese words are composed
from a
series of prefixes and suffixes.  I found that Robert's
fit 80% of Herbal-A and a little less for Herbal-B. 
Tiltman's fit
65% of Herbal-A and again a little less for Herbal-B. 
carefully what I mean here.  I took the size in kb of
original file, pulled out the elements of Firth and
Tiltman using 
BITRANS, and then compared how much smaller the file
This is probably proportionate to the number of
that the paradigms fit, not necessarily the number of
certainly not the number of words.  


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