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VMs: Re: Numbered transcription

hi nick & all :-)

_underling_ here on programming ~majic~, but I could not read the last
page you sent because of java interrupts.. I could not get \down\ to
even html 1.. but its screen reacted in a `secure' way... so you're
3/4 of the way there? (H*ck I don't know (sorrry)) IS SECURITY really
an answer here??? (sign-in's/+forms? etc...)

in html  - Live clicking is done with (external) pointers? to other
links or pics or data's (right?)... why interpose more?

my basic's ??

If one could say (in HTML) just; 

1. create any (vms) image to be "pointed/Linked" at
2. point to current (image todate)
   2a. agreed/questioned currently (dated) etc..
3. Cross linked back to orignal (vms) TXT.
4. _there is no more_?  1,2,3???

Only ONE (1) database would be all that would be required for above,
changes would be installed, questioned/argued, and updated as
necessary... (I suppose by common agreement? - which is risky at best,
as I see very VERY few "individual strokes" and fewer still eva
characters.... (sorry?!))

The 'FLOW~' of such a program would have mere (sorry it's older than a
mouse, but more solid based), "hovering mouse" which would REDIRECT
the LINK to pic/link/url on "pointing" or "resting over" the letter /
word etc.. OR html (not X?tml UP version's) could /AND/ link to the
"vms character" individually (pre-debated ad nauseum) history...

That is why I mentioned how hard GC's work was that he cut out for
himself there... I'm doing the above (1,2,3) and it's NOT easy in just
ascii and PICS and 'Clips of Glyhps' (pen strokes as it were)/
reLinkers, but once set up - it could be easily 'clicked-on' or HTML
followed via its link(ers), so ALL could READ (grand-kids included)...
(providing Gates/MS-vms allows .gifs/.jpgs etc... (sigh))

I'm using "unix/pine" to follow e.mail here

I suppose I should goto (aRrrGgggg MS-xxxMAIL?)

The above html /double cross-links/ would preclude even instant
changes by a majority rule... (which may be good or bad), but would
have a more scientific rule, as the visual characters stand-alone in
the one script VMS (beinecke library) we have (or copy-flow etc...).

just a thought all
Best to you & yours
steve (pure html - simpler (/better?) in the LONG run?) ekwall

 Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 13:08:57 +0100
 From: Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 To: Voynich Ms. mailing list <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: VMs:  Re: Numbered transcription
 Hi everyone,
 I've put up a new test-page showing my idea of how JavaScript can make 
 proofing much less painstaking.
 Each word index is "live": clicking on it fills out the form appropriately, 
 and moves the input focus to the box you'd want to edit. To save you typing 
 your name every time you use the form, JavaScript can also remember your 
 name in a cookie (which is much nicer) - although that feature doesn't 
 currently appear to work (and I have no idea why). :-9
 I also tried to keep my usage of JavaScript back to version 1.0 of the 
 language. Under Win95, IE6, NS4.08, NS4.76, & NS6.0 (my main compatibility 
 set) all seem to work OK with it.
 I also tried to construct the page so that it will still function OK 
 without JavaScript... though what browser would have CSS but not 
 JavaScript? :-9
 Comments? :-)
 Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....