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VMs: RE: Weirdoes, ligatures (long)

1r.11.5 	cpho d aiil r (word with four glyphs?)
1r.15.7	d aiithy (2 glyphs (h-is an extension post that needs to be closed))
2r.4.1	cho aiid y (3 glyphs)
2r.8.9 	d aiil d y (4 glyphs)
3v.2.1	d aiid y (3 glyphs)
5v.3.6	d aiin (2 glyphs)
20r.2.4	o d aiir (3 glyphs)
7r.5.1	o aiir (2 glyphs)
8r.13.9	d aiiir ihy (3 glyphs)

	That's all I can get through today - gotta run my son to hockey! The basic
that I've always had with my stroke-ordering was that that it reduced the
word length from
the already dismally low word-length. The longest 'word' above is 4
characters long even
though the strokes that make up some of those characters are pretty lengthy
(aiiir for example).

	If the 'o' is a two stroke glyph itself as it seems to be able to complete
a c-o (cho) without
the second 'c' form normally associated with a full 'cho' (c-co). This is
just like the @ sign not needing
to be separated from the 'a' and ofcourse the same chy types that do happen.
I think that first cpho is an
example of this.