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VMs: Re: Weirdoes, ligatures

Hi GC,

At 10:55 04/10/02 -0500, GC wrote:
This is at the core of my current effort, which BTW has nothing to
do with replacing EVA, and everything to do with providing myself
with a transcription that encodes as much information as possible,
so that each time my views change somewhat, I don't have to go
back and redo my transcription.  If enough information were stored
in any current transcription, this would be unnecessary, as simple
global changes would suffice in all but a few cases.

BTW: apart from ligaturation and variant-loop <ch>'es, are there any other types of information that you think are missing from current transcriptions?

  On the good
side, once this transcription has been offered, argued out and
proofed by all interested parties, it's a simple matter (as Rene
points out) to port it to an extremely accurate EVA transcription.

I suppose my point is simply that, if you define your glyph alphabet in terms of ligatured EVA, ie

K <--> (ckh)

...etc, then you shouldn't need to create a specific moving-target font, as you can remap into EVA dynamically (stripping out the ligatures as you go).

Even if you were to edit your transcription using a glyph format, the most flexible storage representation format would always be a ligatured EVA representation, and the most universal display format would be EVA (but probably with ligature brackets removed).

The key is, of course, making sure that the storage EVA is overcomplete relative to the display EVA, such that it can automatically (and deterministically) be converted to/from glyphs without problem.

JavaScript is quite fun for this kind of thing: various glyph-sets could be stored in the same database, with a user's current set selected (and stored in a cookie!) via a select box, and be used to generate the edited text on the fly. As long as the underlying EVA is fully ligatured, then anyone would be able to edit the same transcription using whatever glyph-set they like - FSG, vgbt, EVA, whatever. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....