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VMs: RE: Weirdoes, ligatures

Nick wrote:
> It's a pretty simple set of transformations, which can
> be done easily by
> pretty much any page-generation tool (if the data
> exists in its database,
> which is rarely the case, sadly).

EVA does have a high degree of flexibility as far as
representation of character strings, but as you point out, no
transcription makes full use of these functions at present, making
it rather difficult to output an accurate glyph based
(Currier-type) transcription using any tool available.

This is at the core of my current effort, which BTW has nothing to
do with replacing EVA, and everything to do with providing myself
with a transcription that encodes as much information as possible,
so that each time my views change somewhat, I don't have to go
back and redo my transcription.  If enough information were stored
in any current transcription, this would be unnecessary, as simple
global changes would suffice in all but a few cases.  On the good
side, once this transcription has been offered, argued out and
proofed by all interested parties, it's a simple matter (as Rene
points out) to port it to an extremely accurate EVA transcription.