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VMs: Re: Numbered transcription

Hi Nick,

>          http://www.voynich.info/vgbt/csstest.htm
> This seems to work fine on IE6 (and I'm pretty sure on IE5): it also works
> on Netscape 4.08 and 4.76 (though the numbers don't come out subscripted -
> that's probably a CSS2 feature). Any other browser-users out there care to
> comment? :-)

It works fine on Opera, too.

> BTW: CSS and XML are an extremely nice fit. :-)

It is even better with XSL - here is my quick test of TEI/XML/XSL:


works directly only on IE - but generating the HTML locally and 
putting it on the Web is trivial.

Try "View Source" to see how simple the encoding is. Using
<word> ... </word> can be used to automatically number the words.

Best regards,