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VMs: Re: Numbered transcription

Hi GC,

I'd have to agree that the 'word' is not the easiest thing to sort
out sometimes, so numbering the 'word' may have very little use.

Not true - if you'd like a second (or 3rd, or... nth) pair of eyes to check over your (or anyone else's) transcription, having a word index (as well as a line index) could be a very big help to tracking down inconsistencies.

I've done some reading on the PHP idea, but I wonder about display
capabilities.  The font is in development stages, and won't be
releasable until the whole of the VMS is transcribed and discussed
in this setting.

Releasing a beta version of the font onto your own site should be fine - as long as you're careful to label it as a beta, I don't think anyone should have a problem with it.

  As we've already tested, web-based fonts do not
work on all browsers, so that's pretty much out as well.  Simple
but effective is the goal here.

BTW: via the magic of CSS, here's the kind of thing I originally had in mind (note that requires EVA font to have been installed, don't come crying to me if you see "qoteedy" etc):-


This seems to work fine on IE6 (and I'm pretty sure on IE5): it also works on Netscape 4.08 and 4.76 (though the numbers don't come out subscripted - that's probably a CSS2 feature). Any other browser-users out there care to comment? :-)

BTW: CSS and XML are an extremely nice fit. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....