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The letter of Marco Pometta (1911)

Dear Sir

I am still sorry that you could not

stay with us longer. I comfort myself however

with your promise of a visit in September and I

hope that you will stay for a day or so.

I had wanted to write to you at once but I

thought it better to wait because I had a

favour to ask of you later.

A Jew of Padua is very eager to purchase certain

books from our library and they are the very ones

of which I sent you the list.

It would indeed be our intention to part with some and

possibly all of them but not knowing the price

which could fairly be demanded we would ask you

to indicate it and favour us with some practical

advice, for which we should be most grateful.

If you yourself should then wish to reserve a

part of the said rather high grade books we would

give you the refusal of them for whatever bid you

yourself should judge appropriate. I enclose the photograph

of the painting which we wish to sell ... it has been

valued at several thousand francs and is the work of

Piazzetta, though not with certainty.

Please accept the respects of the Reverend Father and of

Your obedient servant

Marco Pometta S.J.