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Notes on the letter of Johannes Marcus Marci to Athanasius Kircher (1665)

This proved to be the final letter in a long friendship conducted by correspondence, and Marci, 70 and in failing health, must have sensed the fact. He now addresses Kircher as 'dearest Athanasius' and uses the familiar 'thee'. This is the letter which was preserved inside the manuscript.

The first paragraph is corroborated by the statement in Philosophia Vetus Restituta that Barschius willed his books to Marci.

The second paragraph is corroborated by the evidence of the Barschius letter, that the previous owner of the manuscript, years ago, wrote to Kircher more than once sending copies of part of the manuscript.

The third paragraph tells us something new, that Rudolph II once owned the manuscript. This is second hand information and comes not from Barschius but from Raphael Mnishovsky, who may or may not have witnessed Rudolph purchasing the book. The sentence which tells us this is, grammatically, reported speech in a complex Latin sentence which repays thinking through. I have therefore given the sentence in question its own page .

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