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It is not possible to do Trithemius justice within the limitations of a hobby project like this one. He was a prolific author and there is a large secondary literature of which I have read very little. My interest in him is cryptological and my aim is to provide machine readable texts and translations of relevant material. I have used the printed edition of the letters (Hagenau, 1536) rather than the original manuscript (Rome cod. Vat. Pal. lat. 730) which should form the basis of any scholarly edition. I do not have the time to track down quotations to their sources or identify all the individuals mentioned and give them the correct form of their names and titles. It is also not easy to proof read one's own work and the transcription is not guaranteed to be error free. Anybody wishing to produce an edition of professional quality is welcome to reuse this material with a brief acknowledgement but they should do so with caution.