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Re: VMs: What are Neal keys

On the first line of text (and typically about 60%-70% along that line) on many pages, you can often find an accentuated pair of gallows (normally p-gallows) containing a text sequence - these are Neal keys

Philip Neal first pointed these out to me a few years ago, so I'd look for a proper description from him - AFAIK he was the first to notice them (hence their name), but I don't know if he's undertaken a systematic check for them since the sidfiles arrived.

What I pointed out is that you seldom get a Voynich word which ends in a gallows character or, what amounts to the same thing, a gallows character followed by a space. The few cases where it happens tend to occur rather more than half way across the first line of a page. I have statistics somewhere, based on the Takehashi transcription.

I am not committed to the idea that such gallows end a
key sequence though it is a plausible suggestion (also
the term 'Neal keys' was not coined by me). What I do
think is that these gallows are evidence that the text
displays a kind of periodicity above the level of individual

Philip Neal

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