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Re: VMs: Occitan months...?

Yes, very nice work Neil. The names of the months are quite clear, even if
the words are not all correct. Could it be that the scribe was not familiar
with European script, and was copying a chart with characters that he (or
she) did not know? This would explain the presence of small pen strokes that
do not fit European writing, but reflect a more Asian origin.

The new sids are fascinating and I'm sure much more will immerge in the near
future. We've been pouring over some of them here, and have come up with a
21 character alphabet that seems to include most everything in the VMS. The
new sids allow a much closer examination of the manuscript, and it seems
that the alphabet can be reduced to 21 letters. Now we are moving on to the
next step of trying to produce phonetical equivalents, and then test them in
various languages that use scripts with 20 - 25 characters. It's going to be
a lot of work....

Just a quick question for folk on the list. Has anyone considered f49v
again? With the new sids, can we determine if the European numbers 1-5 were
written with the same pen as the rest of the page?

Dan Gibson

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