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Re: VMs: Beinecke & MrSID...

On Mon, 31 May 2004, Jim Gillogly wrote:

> Lizardtech has what it claims is a MrSID viewer for Linux at
> http://www.lizardtech.com/download/dl_download.php?detail=geo_mrsiddecode&platform=lin
> but it immediately dumps when I try running it.

It executes here (glibc 2.3.3), but I don't have a MrSID file to test it.
Do you have a link to the file?

Also the options are not very obvious:

[claudio@damien:/home/claudio] ./mrsiddecode -h
mrsiddecode: mrsid decoder tool
Version 4.0.1 build 500
Built Feb  2 2004 13:54:24 (Release/gcc)


[-h] [-help] [-v] [-quiet] [-log STRING] [-progress STRING] -i STRING
-o STRING [-watermarkFile STRING] [-watermarkPosition STRING]
[-drmin UNSIGNED-INT] [-drmax UNSIGNED-INT] [-drauto] [-wf]
[-sh UNSIGNED-INT] [-ulxy FLOAT0 FLOAT1] [-lrxy FLOAT0 FLOAT1]
[-cxy FLOAT0 FLOAT1] [-wh FLOAT0 FLOAT1] [-s SIGNED-INT] [-coord STRING]
[-jpg] [-tif] [-tifg] [-bmp] [-bip] [-raw] [-pwd STRING]

> Why in the world would they use a proprietary format?  Can't they
> get good enough lossless compression with PNG or something?

Indeed. PNG should be good enough. Or tiff.

Best regards,
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