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Hi here is a probably good astrological study about QABISI:
Otherwise I found the attached abstact almost VMS like;+)

Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, Jean-Yves,

Is Alchabitius' astrology like that in the VMs?


jean-yves artero wrote:
> Abû al-Saqr al-Qabîsî 'Abd al-'Azîz ibn 'Uthmân
> (d. 967), known in the West as Alchabitius or less
> commonly as Abdilaziz, was the author of a book,
> Introduction to the Art of Judgments of the Stars,
> dedicated to the Sultan Sayf al-Dawlah (c.916-967).
> It became one of the most popular astrological
> treatises in the West. The Latin translation by John
> of Seville, Alchabitii Abdilazi liber introductorius
> ad magisterium judiciorum astrorum, was printed more
> than a dozen times. Beginning with Erhard Ratdolt's
> edition published at Venice in 1503, it was often
> printed with the commentary of John Danko (14th
> century).
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