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VMs: "Nabataeans of Petra" [forwarded from Spiritus Mundi mailing list]

[Note: originally posted by "e_maat"]:-

Just an aside. If you happen to be in or near New York City, the American Museum of Natural History has a truly astounding exhibit on Petra, last day is Sunday, July 6, 2004. I wondered what could possibly be brought over from a city carved into a cliff, but apparently earthquakes have shaken a number of carvings off, and crumpled the villas that were built outside the cliffs. It took an entire afternoon to read everything and stare in awe. I have included the website for this exhibition, and conveniently bookmarked the zodiac page for you. Don't forget to click on images for enlargement.
The zodiac sculptures are a marvel. For instance, a sign that we know as portrayed by an animal, Cancer the Crab, instead of being portrayed by a crab, will have a human head with crab claws coming out like horns. And the two halves of the Zodiac Disc with Tyche have been reunited for the first time. There are quite a number of them, not just those shown on the website.
Nearly everything has been brought to us through the generous loan of the kingdom of Jordan. Saved us a expensive trip. Is it worth a trip if you are a few hours drive away? Definitely, yes!

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