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Re: VMs: Viola tricolor

Correction to the former post:

Girarde offers herb names in English, Greek, Latin, French and Spanish, as
well as apothecary.


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> William wrote:
> I take it that no-one knows of a comprehensive mutilingual attempt to
> examine labels in the context of plausible interpretations of labelled
> images?  It really would seem the best basis for independent stabs at
> meanings to
> be attached to labels.
> One book in particular very good for this purpose was written by William
> Turner and published by John Day in 1568, entitled "The names of herbes in
> Greke, Latin, Englishe, Duche, & Frenche wyth the commune names that
> Herbaries and Apotecaries vse".   This is a condensation of names from an
> earlier book by William Turner, "A New Herball", published in 1551.   Each
> printed herbal to this point had inserted occasional references to common
> names, but this is the first systematic attempt (to my knowledge) at
> the names together in one document.  Gerarde is still the standard
> work for this period, but there is much in Turner's "New Herball" to be
> admired, since Gerarde offers only Latin and Greek substitutes for the
> common English names.
> GC

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