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Re: VMs: Viola tricolor

That indeed is an interesting question.  But not actually relevant to the document being a hoax.  Despite the difficult of proving the VMS is a hoax one could probably reach a 'balance of probabilities' conclusion on that without knowing for sure who was hoaxed.

The lack of information about its emergence could be considered an argument for a hoax - after all, the person fooled might have been reluctant to publicise that fact.

And as I said before, that is not  a certainty for me.  I did point out a 'logical' or 'scientific' way to proceed given the paucity of information.

I take it that no-one knows of a comprehensive mutilingual attempt to examine labels in the context of plausible interpretations of labelled images?  It really would seem the best basis for independent stabs at meanings to be attached to labels.

And, of course, don't assume I'm talking about names for plants in the botanical sense.  Heart's ease for pansy says something about its usefulness - and I'm sure other languages will have similar meaning/usage revealing names.

So, was that never done?  Is it infeasible?


ifthe VMSis ahoax thenI would askwh oisth emark whowa sinten edtor eceiv 
ethem anusc ripta nd atwha tpric e

Dana Scott

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I'll keep it short.

My suggestion about starting with labels is just that if you believe
VMS is meaningful that is, as you point out, the logical place to

Whether or not people have collected names in lots of languages and
listed them and etc.... in relation to the possible image
interpretations/names is a matter of record, I presume.  I simply don't
know.  Anyone out there with detailed knowledge?

That no-one has made progress is interesting.  And does not discourage
me from my inclination to believe that VMS might well be a hoax.

Your set of certainties contains items I'd not be certain about.  One
thing of note with VMS is the lack of punctuation.  Some languages can
be written without breaks between words (and thus without punctuation).
  For inspiration look at the two volume work by Diringer on the
Alphabet  (1960s)



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