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VMs: Split -ol- pairs...?

Hi everyone,

Here's an interesting prediction (based on the "verbose pairs" idea) someone might like to test.

Currier Language B has many (>1000) word-instances beginning with EVA <l>, while Language A has very few (<100) - in fact, this is often an easy way of telling the two languages apart. However, I predict that 90%+ of word-initial <l>'s in Language A (and only 5% of word-initial <l>'s in Language B) will actually be split <ol> pairs - that is, that the last letter of the preceding word will be EVA <o>.

I think that, if true, this would point to the conclusion that <ol> functions as a verbose pair in Language A, but which the encipherer occasionally felt obliged to split up to (visually) hide its true nature - that is, that the [half-]space inserted inside <ol> pairs is *misdirection*.

Anyone care to try this out?

Also: it might be interesting to re-run the same process on EVA <or> pairs, to see what that produces... just a thought! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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