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Re: VMs: VBScript for finding repeating strings

	A few comments,

PK#01 wrote:
> It took just 17 hours of number crunching. The full output is now here:
> http://uair01.xs4all.nl/Voynich/String_Analysis/Repeated_strings2.html

> After all these years I'm still not familiar enough with the VMS to tell
> whether this makes sense or not. Does the VMS indeed fall into three
> different parts? Am I seeing the same segmentation as Stolfi does here:
> http://www.dcc.unicamp.br/~stolfi/voynich/98-06-19-page-plots/plots.html

	You might also wish to compare Rene's cluster analysis
with what you are seeing:


> There is also a list of Voynichese prefixes and suffixes that roll
> spontaneously out of this approach. Again, I'm completely in the dark about
> what it means, if it means anything :-) But it looks familiar.

	The suffix and prefix lists, at a very rapid glance,
look similar to what other analyses have shown.  Here
is a discussion:


	I think this confirms the validity of what you are
doing.  You might also see something new.  

> >  How would a "random" text for comparison be constructed? Line shuffling?
> I have used random input in test05, and as is to be expected there is no
> apparent pattern.

	As Rene once noted, humans do not produce
statistically random things very well.  

> I have one strange effect that I don't understand. If I scan a small part of
> the VMS (test04) I get a recognizeable pattern. Then if I remove all the
> spaces (test08) I find a whole lot less matching strings. I wouldn't expect
> spaces to be relevant, an my first guess would be that I find the same
> matching strings, only with the spaces removed. But I get a really different
> result. Or is it a bug in my script or a bug in my reasoning?

	We've always known that some characters and
combinations tend to start and end words.

> I certainly hope I'm not wasting your time with a faulty or irrelevant
> result :-)

	Not at all.  I think your whole approach is worth


> Greetings, Petr
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