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Re: VMs: OT: You can't keep Bletchley vets down!

Hi Barb,

	I saw this too in the US.  

> > Tucked away within the 900-acre grounds, they found their puzzle: a stone
> > monument built around 1748, containing a carved relief of Nicholas
> Poussin's
> > Les Bergers d'Arcadie II in reverse. 
> > Beneath it the letters O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. are carved, and
> > underneath them a D and an M.

> > Viewing it for the first time Oliver Lawn, 85, one of the former employees
> > of Bletchley Park, had no doubt that there was a secret to unravel,
> > contained both in the picture and the inscription beneath, and probably
> > based upon missing letters from classical texts.

	They don't have a whole lot to go on.  

> Pity we can not get them interesteded in the VMS or the Hampton Diaries

	Have we tried?  

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