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Re: VMs: Manchu theory

Hi everyone,

At 16:57 11/05/2004 -0300, Jorge Stolfi wrote (quoting Rafal Prinke):
Rafal has kindly provided an execturive summary:

  > He states that the VMS is a "shaman's manual" and was written
  > between 13th c. BC and 3rd c. AD - most probably in the 4th c. BC.
  > It is in Old Manchurian and Bansik says he has reconstructed the
  > alphabet of 45 letters and over 50 words which are Old Manchurian.

AFIACT, the key spoken language in that region was Jurchen: the (1599) written language (which a little later came to be known as Manchu or manju) was a written form of that language, using many elements appropriated from the Mongolian alphabet (but adding extra marks later to disambiguate words etc). Earlier written Jurchen looked nothing like that:-

4th c. BC? The Mongolian language dates only to the 12th Century CE:-

This Mongolian alphabet...

...was based on the [Old] Uighur alphabet...

...but even that doesn't appear to date back much further. No, sorry - I don't see how this claim even begins to match the historical record... please tell me if I'm missing something!

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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