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Re: VMs: Am I in this list

>You ~may~ be suffering from an over-aggressive spam-filter: many ISPs (both academic and commercial) are quietly introducing these ATM (can you blame them?)

I can confirm this to be a growing problem. I run some small 
email discussion groups and I have found over the past months 
that many people  on these lists are not receiving mail, due to
spam filters. This happens at least at two levels. A spam 
filter they have installed on their computer and set too aggressively.
This is relatively easy to fix. But more worrying are the spam filters
installed by Internet Service Providers which can  be so dumb and
aggressive. One well known international ISP has even banned my own
provider's (one of the largest in the UK) whole domain !  

This is eroding and could eventually destroy internet email 
communication. Already one cannot be sure that mails will 
get through the spam filters.

It is so stupid for the designers of spam filters to lock out BCC and 
listservers as these are not used by the serious spammers, but are
used by small traders, clubs and  discussion groups like this.

Adam McLean 

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