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Re: VMs: Initial gallows

larry, nick, knox ajb et al :-) 

i guess i'm still ~stupid spooked steve~ (sigh).. i've tried every 
which way from sunday to explain how the gallows ARE a _change.key_ 

[let me try the _kitchen sink?_ approach - excuse if you know this].

the GALLOWS ARE the KEY _AND_ the gallows show you WHICH KEY to use 
when you encounter (a different gallows char.) as you decode it.
one may "embellish 'em" (gallows) all you like - yet still HOLD  
Structure of its shape! (e.g. f56r & especially the _weirdo f42v!!!)

D*rn this seems so ~simple~ ? - (ha.ha) - huMmmmmmm...

i'm obviously not explaining IT to everyones satisfaction !rats! - 
...sorry all :-(

1: START with any 1st gallows (whatever page) (whatever it is) 
   THIS GALLOWS is _1 of 8_  (maybe 9?/center open TTT) code pg's. 

[The START gallows points to your starting KEY PAGE! ] START here, 
open it, or if you've memorized it, GO etc..

2: The next character (whatever) points to a position on THAT TTT page 
of that particular gallows KEY... If you encounter a mid-word gallows,
it's because the alphanumeric language character it was written in  
was NOT on THAT KEY (TTT) page - hence the old hike-shift (change the 
key page's) to "point to" the desired character you seek.


each TTT key page has 9 MAX characters (I assume 8 per ES) and each 
1/2 folded key contains only 4 (no matter how 'embellished').

[The mid sentence / mid word Gallows ARE pointing to (actual character 
area) another key page and they are the ACTUAL LETTER to GET to 
that area of THAT KEY.], SO the gallows mid word ARE AN ACTUAL LETTER. 
(either alpha/character or number). 

so, START (gallows 2) in your Kitchen (kitchen sink above) find a 
etc. DECODE AS ABOVE.. when you encounter (say gallows on 
this 'kitchen key saying')bathroom? go 
to bathroom coding.. DECODE AS ABOVE (using bathroom code TTT set). 
..when you encounter (say gallows3) garage? go to garage TTT DECODE 
above...  (same for gallows4)....

Remember you can always return to ANY of the above rooms (keys) with 
just a change of gallows(#) character, as they are _static_, and in  
the lower case vms characters THEY TOO ARE STATIC (in their 
positiong), but as they point to a SOLID PLACE it would be like you 
pointing at SUN and not moving for 8 hours (then saying) the SUN is 
right THERE!!! the characters MOVE on each of 8/9 keys (i think 8 

[simple?] :-] this can be done on your 2 hands without even thumbs!

3: This "setup" will give ~floating~ gallow counts and configurations, 
however - it's only 1/2 as hard as you think (as its just a MiRrOrEd 
language of itself). or (2X) Twice as HARD depending on your approach?

the vms's ~floating gallows (hike-shift) code~ ability is what is so 
_odd_ to crack here.

best to you & yours.. ALL
steve (~SpRiNgTIME~ gotta LOVE IT!:-) ekwall

p.s. looking for words like "THE" and "AND" you may still find 
them "mid-page", but just _seek_ their 3 letter combinations... 
that is abc, stu, xxx, yxz, wic, lko, Tib ### etc... most any 3 letter 
combination can be made here, however IT IS  _static_, and just 
depends where you START from / or WHERE YOUR coming from.
[again *See* your 1st or preceding gallow character(s)]

 Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 18:02:51 -0600
 From: knoxmix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: VMs: Initial gallows
 Hello Larry and Nick
 Line initial gallows could represent an introductory phrase. I think 
 that is not too likely since internal gallows are positioned between 
 letters that often are sequential pairs elsewhere (count is needed 
 here). For that reason I do not think they change a key, at least not 
 beginning with the next letter. 
 Ciao ........... Knox
     	On Sat, 27 Mar 2004 at 18:57:35 -0500
     	Larry Roux wrote:
     What I am finding as a problem related to a code change system is the 
     preponderance of common words (dar) that seem to equate to an "and".  
     if the code basis changed (cypher, table, or whatever) you would 
     think these words would change too.  But then I have not investigated 
     whether those words are common to certain paragraph prefaces (t, k, 
     p, f).   
 So I argue against my own theories.  I can do that, can't I?  <grin>	
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