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Re: VMs: Fw: Hypergraphia

matt welnicki wrote:
> Are there other examples through history and even
> modern where a psychological/mental function causes one
> to create a work like the VMS.  I do agree that its
> organization does not appear to fit the above mold.

	A while ago, we briefly discussed "Kirk Allen",
described in 
Robert Lindner's "The Fifty-Minute Hour" and mentioned
in Carl Sagan's 
*The Demon-Haunted World".  "Kirk Allen" wrote about
his fantasy world 
in an "Olmayan" language, but we have no examples of

	FWIW:  a quote from a psychiatric page:


"A highly organized system such as Kirk's is relatively
Much more common are the more or less
inconsistent delusions associated with such mental
as schizophrenia and organic mental syndromes. "

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