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Re: VMs: Re: More thoughts on Kelly

Hi Jeff,

> In one of Dee's manuscripts, I forget which one and also the link
> to it, were a set of tables as you described. The centre table 
> was populated entirely with the letter b. Each table was
> numbered from 1 to 49 as well as including letters of the alphabet
> in various distributions. This was what I was referring to. I have
> prinouts of the tables but not the name of the
> manuscript. It was one of a set of three. Can anyone help here?

Some ten years ago I compiled a bibliography of Dee's Enochian
manuscripts. It can be seen here:


The item that is discussed now is Liber Logaeth listed under II.
Under "Editions" I wrote it had not been published - but since
that time Joseph Peterson (owner of the esotericarchives site
mentioned in recent messages - and occassional poster here, if
I remember correctly) has published full transcription 
on CD which is available from him.


Please, note that these 49x49 grids contain what Donald Laycock
called "first Enochian language". The second Enochian language
are the "calls" - which come together with English translation
and were the object of Dr Laycock's analysis (he concluded
that the basis of them is English).

Best regards,

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