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Re: VMs: VMS, languages and Jacobus signature

Hello Marcio,  

you can find true signature of Jacobus here:

As for his name, allegedly written by Rudolph II or possibly himslef (or anybody else for that matter :-), it is barely visible on the folio f1r, the "light" copy (and even worse on the "dark" copy)   at
 http://voynich.no-ip.com/folios/ light (they ask you to download Japanese fonts, but you do not need them)
http://www.geocities.com/ctesibos/voynich/image/f1r.jpg  dark
at the left bottom corner

As per last month discussions, apparently it was hard to get better copy (the "signature" is best seen under ultraviolet light since it was erased). Still, it would be worth trying to get one; after all, it is the only documented name in regard to the VM,

P.S. As for the  reason of the erasure:  either to conceal the name by some other person (for whatever reason)  or - by somebody's suggestion - the old vellum was reused, so whatever was there before had to go :-). It seems to me that there is more scratches of that kind elsewhere on that folio.



======= At 2004-03-11, 22:14:00 you wrote: =======

>I am running some text analysis on the VMS. The analysis currently also 
>includes texts from English, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin. I want to use 
>other languages like Chinese, so here is a question:
>Are Chinese texts in a romanized transcription available somewhere ? (I could 
>only find texts in BIG5, which is no big deal, but it is easier to work with 
>plain ASCII).
>On another subject, I have seen many references to Jacobus signature on the 
>first page, but has anyone *actually* seen it ? Or is it the kind of "urban 
>legend" that is told on and on ? It would be great if anyone could provide a 
>scanned image or UV photo that shows the signature, as well as images of 
>other works where the same signature allegedly appears.
>PS: is the Cryptologia edition with Gordon's paper out ? Anyone read it ? 
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